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Reads a PosRequest.

Returns a PosRequest with the specified Id.


posRequestId: String!

number: Int!

type: Int!

state: Int!

customFields: [PosRequestProductCustomFieldRead!]

contactName: String

contactPhone: String

deliveryDate: DateTime

deliveryAddress: String

deliveryCity: String

deliveryZipCode: String

deliveryCountryId: Int

deliveryCountry: CountryRead

deliveryAlternateAddressId: Int

deliveryAlternateAddress: AlternateAddressRead

start: DateTime!

end: DateTime

total: Float!

notes: String

createdAt: DateTime

updatedAt: DateTime

companyId: Int!

terminalId: Int!

areaId: String

customerId: Int

userId: Int

user: UserRead

storeId: String

tableId: String

area: AreaRead

customer: CustomerRead

store: StoreRead

table: TableRead

products: [PosRequestProductRead!]!

deletable: Boolean