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Reads a Customer.

Returns a Customer with the specified Id.


customerId: Int!

visible: Int

isDefault: Boolean

vat: String

Vat Number

number: String

Unique identifier

name: String

address: String


city: String


zipCode: String

Zip postal code

email: String

website: String

phone: String

fax: String

contactName: String

contactEmail: String

contactPhone: String

notes: String

swift: String

iban: String

sepaId: String

sepaDate: Date

discount: Float

creditLimit: Float

balance: Float

paymentDay: Int

notesOnDocs: Boolean

documentNotes: String

exemptionReason: String

justImported: Boolean

company: CompanyRead

salespersonId: Int

salesperson: SalespersonRead

geographicZoneId: Int

geographicZone: GeographicZoneRead

countryId: Int

country: CountryRead

languageId: Int

language: LanguageRead

maturityDateId: Int

maturityDate: MaturityDateRead

paymentMethodId: Int

paymentMethod: PaymentMethodRead

deliveryMethodId: Int

deliveryMethod: DeliveryMethodRead

documentSetId: Int

documentSet: DocumentSetRead

priceClassId: Int

priceClass: PriceClassRead

taxes: [CustomerTaxRead!]!

copies: [CustomerDocumentTypeCopyRead]

gdprNotes: String

gdprFile: String

gdprFileOriginal: String

alternateAddresses: [AlternateAddressRead!]

documentsCount: [CustomerDocumentsCoundRead]

deletable: Boolean

Flags if an item can be deleted If set to true, this item can't be deleted

Deprecated fields

These fields are deprecated and might be removed or stop working. Avoid using them.

tax: TaxRead   Reason: Use taxes instead.