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Reads a CreditNotes

Return a CreditNotes with the specified Id.


documentId: Int!

companyId: Int!

fiscalZone: String

company: CompanyRead!

documentTypeId: Int!

documentType: DocumentTypeRead!

year: Int

totalValue: Float!

documentTotal: Float

reconciledValue: Float

geographicZoneId: Int

geographicZone: GeographicZoneRead

remainingReconciledValue: Float

reconciliationPercentage: Float

currencyExchangeTotalValue: Float

documentCalculationsMode: Int

documentSetName: String!

pdfExport: String

The path to the pdf file at mediaAPI OR
null = PDF generation not requested
empty string = PDF pending generation

deletable: Boolean

totalRelatedAppliedValue: Float

downloads: Int

nullifiable: Boolean

lastOperations: LastOperationsRead

posRequestId: String

emailsCount: Int

created: LogInfo

updated: LogInfo

number: Int

documentSet: DocumentSetRead

entityVat: String

entityNumber: String

entityName: String

entityAddress: String

entityZipCode: String

entityCity: String

entityCountryName: String

country: CountryRead

grossValue: Float

financialDiscount: Float

globalDiscount: Float

globalDiscountValue: Float

commercialDiscountValue: Float

totalDiscountValue: Float

taxesValue: Float

date: DateTime

timezone: TimezoneRead

terminal: TerminalRead

yourReference: String

ourReference: String

customer: CustomerRead

alternateAddress: AlternateAddressRead

salesperson: SalespersonRead

salespersonCommission: Float

economicActivityClassificationCode: EconomicActivityClassificationCodeRead

relatedIn: [RelatedDocumentRead]

relatedWith: [RelatedDocumentRead]

notesRelatedDocs: String

products: [DocumentProductRead]

currencyExchange: CurrencyExchangeRead

currencyExchangeExchange: Float

notes: String

status: Int

suspended: Boolean

nullified: Boolean

retentionsValue: Float

taxes: [DocumentTaxRead!]!

ticketBAI: DocumentTicketBAIRead