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Read a Subscription

Returns a subscription with a specific Id


subscriptionId: Int!

paymentMode: paymentModeValues

price: Float

discount: Float

upgradeDiscount: Float

associatedCompanyVat: String

Associated Company Vat Number

associatedCompanyNotes: String

startDate: DateTime

endDate: DateTime

paid: Boolean

lastPaymentDate: DateTime

Last Payment Date

notes: String

saleDocumentIssued: Boolean

Sale Document Issued Value True represents that sale document has been issued

mail1Sent: Boolean

Mail 1 sent (True represents that mail was sent)

mail1SentDate: DateTime

Mail 1 sent date

mail1SentRecipient: String

Mail 1 sent recipient

mail2Sent: Boolean

Mail 2 sent (True represents that mail was sent)

mail2SentDate: DateTime

Mail 2 sent date

mail2SentRecipient: String

Mail 2 sent recipient

mail3Sent: Boolean

Mail 3 sent (True represents that mail was sent)

mail3SentDate: DateTime

Mail 3 sent date

mail3SentRecipient: String

Mail 31 sent recipient

mail4Sent: Boolean

Mail 4 sent (True represents that mail was sent)

mail4SentDate: DateTime

Mail 4 sent date

mail4SentRecipient: String

Mail 4 sent recipient

mail5Sent: Boolean

Mail 5 sent (True represents that mail was sent)

mail5SentDate: DateTime

Mail 5 sent date

mail5SentRecipient: String

Mail 5 sent recipient

mail6Sent: Boolean

Mail 6 sent (True represents that mail was sent)

mail6SentDate: DateTime

Mail 6 sent date

mail6SentRecipient: String

Mail 6 sent recipient

temporaryPaymentMode: paymentModeValues

temporaryPrice: Float

temporaryExpiracy: DateTime

company: CompanyRead

associatedCompany: CompanyRead

Associated Company

plan: PlanRead

temporaryPlan: PlanRead

paymentId: String

subscriptionExtras: [SubscriptionExtraRead]

documentId: Int