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Reads a Bulk Customer.

Returns a Bulk Customer with the specified Ids.


visible: Int

number: String

Unique identifier

name: String

address: String


city: String


zipCode: String

Zip postal code

email: String

website: String

phone: String

fax: String

contactName: String

contactEmail: String

contactPhone: String

notes: String

swift: String

iban: String

sepaId: String

sepaDate: Date

discount: Float

creditLimit: Float

paymentDay: Int

notesOnDocs: Boolean

documentNotes: String

exemptionReason: String

salesperson: SalespersonRead

geographicZone: GeographicZoneRead

country: CountryRead

language: LanguageRead

maturityDate: MaturityDateRead

paymentMethod: PaymentMethodRead

deliveryMethod: DeliveryMethodRead

documentSetId: Int

documentSet: DocumentSetRead

priceClass: PriceClassRead

taxes: [CustomerTaxRead!]!

Deprecated fields

These fields are deprecated and might be removed or stop working. Avoid using them.

tax: TaxRead   Reason: Use taxes instead.