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Updates a SupplierCreditNote.

Updates the selected SupplierCreditNote with the inserted data.

Input Fields

documentId: Int!

fiscalZone: String

documentCalculationsMode: Int

posRequestId: String

documentSetId: Int

countryId: Int

financialDiscount: Float

globalDiscount: Float

date: DateTime

timezoneId: Int

terminalId: Int

yourReference: String

ourReference: String

supplierId: Int

alternateAddressId: Int

salespersonId: Int

salespersonCommission: Float

economicActivityClassificationCodeId: Int

relatedIn: [RelatedDocumentInput]

relatedWith: [RelatedDocumentInput]

notesRelatedDocs: String

products: [DocumentProductInput]

currencyExchangeId: Int

currencyExchangeExchange: Float

notes: String

status: Int

suspended: Boolean

nullified: Boolean

retentionsValue: Float

file: Upload

fileOriginal: String

Required fields are marked with "!"